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Madonna Spotted With a Walking Stick

by Elsa Stringer

Pop legend Madonna, 61, is famous for never backing down from a performance and always soldiering through when it comes to her career, no matter what is setting her back.


However, the legendary singer was spotted covered from head to toe, with a walking stick in her hand. She is currently recovering from a knee surgery, which is why the paparazzi photographed her in front of a hotel walking with a stick.


The diva was wearing a long black coat and a shawl over her head. Barely recognizable, it seems as if she wanted to hide away from everyone. Large black shades covered her face while she was slowly approaching her car.


As a reminder, Madonna had to cancel 14 shows because of the unbearable pain she is experiencing. Her “Madame X Tour started on September 17, 2019, in New York, and is set to end on March 11, 2024.



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A total of 79 concerts were planned, but it remains to be seen how many in total she will be able to hold.


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A moment of self reflection. …………….. ?❌ #madamextheatre #legrandrexparis

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“I consider myself to be a warrior. I never give up, I never surrender. However, this time I have to listen to my body and accept that the pain is earning me,” said Madonna regarding the cancellations. Her Paris concert was 3 hours late, and ended at dawn. Many fans could not find transportation back to their homes.