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The Death of Lolo Ferrari Is Still a Mystery

by Tracy Finke

All those who have seen Lolo Ferrari at least once in their lives, certainly have not forgotten her, thanks to the peculiar appearance and curves that are rarely seen today.

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Lolo was actively involved in modeling, and behind her was the career of an adult movie star and a television show star. Still, her death, which occurred in 2000, remained shrouded in mystery while her husband remained one of the main suspects.

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Lolo, whose real name was Eve Valois, has undergone 22 breast augmentation surgeries and could easily claim a place in the Guinness Book of Records at the age of 33 as the woman with the largest breast in the world.

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In her early twenties, Lolo met Eric Vigne and married him, and he actually became the initiator of her transformation. For five years, she had a series of surgeries that changed her face and figure forever, and the bizarre fact is that her implants were designed by an engineer who used to work on the Boeing 747.

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In press statements, Lolo claimed that her breasts were a symbol of motherhood and childhood innocence. Yet her turbulent life was abruptly aborted on March 5, 2000, and overdose was suspected as the cause of death. The question that left unanswered was whether it was suicide or murder.

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Her mother, Catherine Valois, publicly raised doubts that Lola’s husband had been involved in her death, and he denied the accusations from the first moment. Lolo was reportedly suffering from depression in her advanced years after she got tired of everything she offered to the public.

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 She began to live in fear of angry fans who once tried to pierce her breasts, and she also began to fear plane flights because she was convinced her breasts could explode in the air.

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Until her death, she was involved in the adult industry and entertainment, and her pimp was no less her husband Eric, who was later found guilty of pimping.

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After being found dead at her home in Grasse on the French Riviera, the first autopsy concluded that she had passed away from an overdose of antidepressants and tranquilizers, with her death being declared a suicide. Her parents did not want to believe it, so two years after that, they insisted on performing a re-autopsy, which showed that Lolo had passed away from so-called mechanically induced suffocation.

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Eric was then arrested on suspicion of causing her death, for which he spent 13 months in prison. After repeatedly declaring him innocent, a medical analysis was made, and he was acquitted of all charges and released in 2007.

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And twenty years after the death of Lolo Ferrari, the real cause remains a mystery and never seems to be discovered.

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