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Aaron Carter’s Girlfriend Assaults Him and Gets Arrested for Domestic Violence

by Tracy Finke

The younger brother of famous “Backstreet Boys” singer Nick Carter, 32-year-old Aaron Carter, found himself back in the headlines again after being attacked by his now ex-girlfriend Melanie Martin. The police, who arrested Melanie for domestic violence, took her into custody.

Image source: eonline.com

Authorities arrived at Carter’s house after the call and took the girl because he had visible injuries on his body, such as scratches on his arm. According to TMZ, their quarrel was preceded by a conversation about pregnancy. Melanie claimed that she would have a baby with him, which he did not believe because he was convinced she had cheated on him.

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Just a week ago, the couple was seen shopping for a ring that triggered rumors of their engagement after four months of dating, with Aaron tattooing Melanie’s name on his face, right above his right eyebrow.

Following the incident, he posted a photo on Instagram of him posing naked while the new tattoo is visible.

“A bachelor’s life is no life for a single man. #Single”, Aaron Carter wrote.

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In addition to his girlfriend, Aaron has problems with his own family. Carter started a public war with his brother Nick, accusing him of abusing him mentally and physically for years, but also that Nick assaulted girls, whom he publicly told he would not give up justice for them.

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Nick then sought a restraining order against him and his pregnant wife because Aaron allegedly threatened to kill them. In the wake of his public outbursts, Aaron also accused the tragically deceased sister Leslie of assaulting him when he was a 10-year-old boy.

Due to his mental and physical exhaustion, he was also recently hospitalized, which his mother June Carter confirmed.

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