Home Sport LeBron James Legendary Dunk over Bjelica: ”I feel great!”

LeBron James Legendary Dunk over Bjelica: ”I feel great!”

by Tracy Finke

Los Angeles Lakers basketball player LeBron James said he felt ‘like in the old times” after the game against the Sacramento Kings.

The Lakers defeated the Kings 99:97 after a big fight and the best move of the match was played by the King himself.

At the end of the first half, LeBron managed to escape Bogdan Bogdanovic and then knocked over Nemanja Bjelica.

“I feel great. I’m the old me again. But all this would not be possible without my teammates and the entire team”, LBJ said.

LeBron eventually brought the Lakers a triumph as he made the winning throw with five seconds left in the clock. The match finished with 29 points for Lakers along with 11 assists and four rebounds.

“There are games where I need to play for 40 minutes, like this one. We try not to do it often, but again, we want to win. I felt good”, LeBron said after the match.

He shared on his Instagram a photo of a dunk and poked fun with Nemanja Bjelica and Sacramento Kings.

Lakers star LeBron James turns 35 on December 30th.