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Kim Kardashian Discusses Booing Tristan Thompson

by Elsa Stringer

During the first episode of the new season of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” that is set to premier on March 26 at 8PM, Kim and Khloe will talk about Khloe’s former partner and the father of her child, NBA center Tristan Thompson.


Khloe asked her sister, “How was the game,” referencing the basketball game Kim and Kanye went to prior to their meetup.

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Kim replied, “It was good,” to which Khloe added, “You guys looked so cute and you looked like you had fun.” Then, Kim said, “I just hated the reports that were like, ‘Kim is booing Tristan!’”


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Not very shocked at this, Khloe commented how crazy that was and stating that it is not who Kim is, whether it is cheering or booing. She concludes in this teaser for the premier, saying this:

“But no, it is crazy that this world is that sick that they would think you would go, you and your husband would go to a game deliberately with the intent of booing True’s dad. They would much rather believe some nasty exaggerated bulls**t than just the truth. Yeah, we are family, we are supporting him, great, it was exciting.”

Kim simply answers back saying, “So bizarre!”

From what the fans could see so far, the new season is going to be the best and most dramatic one yet. Stay tuned!