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Kanye West Is Being a Jerk Again to Kim Kardashian

by Tracy Finke

The rapper and designer Kanye West is known as an egocentric, but many believed that when it came to his wife, he could sometimes think of others as well. Judging by the latest footage of the famous couple, they were mistaken.

Image source: Twitter

Two times this week, Kanye has acted outrageously towards Kim Kardashian, and her fans are angry that the rapper, with whom she has four children, has put her in such an embarrassing situation in public.

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First of all, at a basketball game, West did not return a kiss to his wife when they found themselves in the frame of the so-called “Kiss Cam”, which is why many have criticized him on social networks. The reality star was visibly feeling uncomfortable.

The second “incident” caused more controversy. Social media users have been angered by footage from their vacation in Paris, where the couple was kissing while riding an elevator, and then Kanye goes out and leaves his wife to carry her bags on her own and doesn’t even stop to hold her door.

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