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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Could Break up Soon?

by Tracy Finke

The singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando Blum recently made an original announcement that they are about to become parents. The 35-year-old music star showed her baby bump in the music video for her song “Never Worn White”.

Image source: glamour.com

The famous couple recently announced that they would welcome a baby girl soon. However, there appeared some problems in their relationship, US Weekly reports. The couple is currently facing a crisis.

A source close to the couple told US Weekly that Perry and Bloom are experiencing some “ups and downs” during her pregnancy and that the 43-year-old actor “has changed since she got pregnant”.

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“Orlando and her are having some ups and downs right now. Katy is dealing with the nerves of being a first-time parent, and Orlando is stressing about having a baby in their lives at this time”, an insider said.

Image source: thesun.co.uk

Katy is very happy about becoming a mother. The source said that she is “overjoyed and elated that she is pregnant”. Insider added: “She’s always wanted to be a mom”.

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The time will show whether their romance will overcome all the obstacles.

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