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Katie Price Reminds Her Fans How She Looked Before Plastic Surgery

by Tracy Finke

Former model and media personality Katie Price shared with her followers on Instagram a throwback pictures from her Playboy days 20 years ago.

Image source: Instagram

“Twenty years ago, I did the cover of American playboy and toured around American promoting it with Hugh Hefner! There have only been about 3 UK ladies to ever of done it! I so would do it again. I feel I’ve bettered with age and se*iness”, the 41-year-old and mother of five wrote.

The cover of the famous magazine for men featured a busty display of young Price with a headline: “London’s legendary bad girl Jordan.”

Image source: Instagram

Katie Price was then known by the pseudonym Jordan. Her Instagram followers were delighted with the photos in which she posed with Hugh Hefner. “You looked amazing Katie back then, but yes, we definitely ooze more sophistication when we mature and far more wisdom,” one of her fans wrote. “My all-time fave cover,” another one wrote. “I would have to agree with you on that one,” one of the comments read.

Image source: Instagram

The British media personality is now mostly known for numerous plastic surgeries she has done throughout the years. Recently, Katie got under the spotlight after she declared personal bankruptcy.

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