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Bankrupt Katie Price Must Pay $210,000 to Her Husband After Blackmailing Him

by Tracy Finke

Singer and ex-model Katie Price, 41, has been ordered to pay her ex-husband, fighter Alex Reid, $30,000 after leaking a s*x tape that she used to blackmail him.

The court ruled that Katie Price would pay her ex-husband a large sum of money for blackmailing him with an explicit video, which, he says, “ruined his life.”

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The former model married Alex Reid in 2010 and divorced two years later in March 2012.

During their marriage, Price, 41, showed video and explicit photographs of her husband first to her friends and later to the rest of the public. He subsequently sued, and the court ruled today that she must pay him $ 30,000 in damages and $ 187,000 in court costs.

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He told the court that she was telling everyone about their s*x life and that she was slandering him on the street. Price showed this content to others without Alex’s permission, it came to his friends, and she sent it to complete strangers.

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The judge estimated that Mr. Reid had suffered a real personal and business loss. Since Price has declared bankruptcy following a court decision, payment of debts will be delayed.

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Alex first realized that she had his explicit photos in 2009 when he saw them on her laptop. She then promised to delete everything. However, this did not happen. Then Reid said that unknown people blackmailed him in 2013 for that explicit content that only his ex-wife had.

Price explained that she lost her laptop and that the content thus reached the blackmailer, but the judge nevertheless decided that she was guilty of the crime of extortion.

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“Whatever money he is paid, it’s just not going to give him his life back”, his lawyer said, adding: “It’s been destroyed.”

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