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Justin Bieber Becomes the First Music Star With 50 Million YouTube Subscribers

by Elsa Stringer

Whatever fall under your description of a music star, with only 25 years of age, Justin Bieber certainly is one. He has spent weeks and months at the number one spots on charts around the world.

He is one of the most beloved social media personalities. He has sold millions of records. Now, he did something else huge in his young career and proved his immense popularity once again.


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Justin Bieber has become the first artist who deals with music in the history of YouTube, to surpass the 50-million-subscriber mark. This is a significant milestone for anyone working in whatever type of entertainment industry. It proves he gains new fans on a weekly basis, and that the people around the globe are interested in his projects and new releases.

Bieber’s official YouTube channel contains all of his music videos, live performances, and other interesting materials. In total, he has over 20 billion views in total.

On other social media platforms, the numbers get even crazier. He has more than 75 million Facebook followers, more than 109 million on Twitter, and over 127 million on Instagram.


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The young Canadian star will surely continue his rule over the YouTube music scene, with subscribers and views alike. He has his music video for “Changes” scheduled for release within the next week, so the numbers will skyrocket again.