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Donald Trump Pulls an Six-Year-Old Move, and Unfriends an Old Pal

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 04/27/2020: After suggesting that people should inject themselves with bleach to try and cure themselves of coronavirus that way, Donald Trump is filling the newsstands. This prompted one of his close friends to respond angrily on Twitter, and President Trump wasn’t happy following the act. To show Piers Morgan, the fiend who criticized him, that he means business, POTUS unfollowed famous TV host on the named social network.

Trump is in the news every day, and mostly not for good reasons, but this time he pushed over the border. His suggestion of disinfectants as a cure for COVID-19 was irresponsible and dangerous and did not people reacted to it kindly. After POTUS made these comments on Thursday, even his friend, Morgan, couldn’t side with him.

Donald Trump

Source: dailymail.com

The British TV host wrote an entire column for Trump in Daily Mail, but he called him out publicly on Twitter: “This is not just insane, it’s also incredibly dangerous. If Americans now die from injecting themselves with disinfectants, their deaths will be solely on President @realDonaldTrump. He needs to stop airing these absurd & reckless theories – NOW.”

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After people close to Donald Trump started claiming that POTUS was sarcastic, Piers Morgan had none of it. In response to a tweet from Jim Acosta, Piers wrote: Bullsh*t. We all heard exactly what he said. There was no sarcasm.”

In the end, Morgan completely lost his patience: “President Trump’s defence for floating batsh*t crazy claims that injecting bleach can kill #coronavirus is that he was being ‘sarcastic.’ FFS @realDonaldTrump – this is not a joke. 50,000 Americans are dead & many more will die. Stop this nonsense & get serious.”

After this, tirade aimed at Donald Trump, POTUS decided to pull a move. Instead of getting into an argument with this former friend, Mr. Trump acted as a six-year-old and unfollowed Morgan on Twitter. Very mature, as one President should act. This is sarcasm if you are reading, Mr. President.

Source: express.co.uk