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JR Smith’s Wife Prays For Him and His Lover Candice Patton

by Sinisav

J.R Smith’s wife, Jewel Harris, decided to call out her husband and his alleged lover in one of her Instagram posts. To make things more inappropriate and embarrassing, she decided to do this through prayer.

If you don’t know by now, former Cleveland Cavaliers player is in an alleged relationship with actress Candice Patton. Candice became famous through her role in TV Series The Flash.

While driving her car, Jewel decided to share a prayer with her fans in which she prays to God, calling him wild and insinuating that God told her that she would have a prayer and post it online. During the praying, she mentioned her husband and his alleged lover, both by first names.

J.R. Smith Wife and Candice

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In a religious tantrum, she asked God to help her loved one by both ‘shaking and steering him up” and also to fix him if he’s broken. To make things exciting and kind of disturbing, she called for God to cover J.R. in his blood.

In the second part of her prayer, she called out bot Smith and Candice, telling them that she feels they are hurting and that there will be mercy for them if they seek it condemning her choice of being with a married mane in the process.

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Like it’s usually the case, the other party, J.R. Smith, in this case, didn’t stay numb. In an Instagram post, Smith gave his response telling the world that no weapon was forged against him. His statement prompted a quick reaction from Jewel Harris. She stated that he is a weapon, and one formed against her.

Their posts were following one another as it’s usually the case with public arguments. But, J.R. Decided to end this one by saying that Instagram is no place for relationships. By this, he also added that the pair is no longer together and that there is no relationship as such. According to the ex Knicks player, the couple is separated for months.

Even if this is true, we can expect this public feud to continue. Being as it is, this development is doing no favors to Smith, who is trying to get his NBA career back on track. He’s been out of the league since his contract with Cleveland Cavaliers expired in 2018.