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Floyd Mayweather’s Youngest Daughter Threatens to Stab Bhad Bhabie

by Tracy Finke

Jirah Mayweather, daughter of the former pro boxer Floyd Mayweather, posted a clip on her Instagram account poking fun at 17-year-old rapper Bhad Bhabie and the feud isn’t stopping.

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The 15-year-old Jirah couldn’t stand Bhad Bhabie’s defense against allegations that’s she is trying to “be black”, and she took it on another level and threatened the rapper.

Mayweather posted a clip on social media that featured rappers Instagram videos and photos, along with the video in which she said: “Who wants to be black?”.

When Bhabie saw this, she took to Instagram to send a message to Jirah. “Ay tell @jirahmayweather imma smack tf outta her when I see her”, she said in a story. Then, the boxer’s daughter replied with another Instagram story saying: “@bhadbhabie we don’t fight b***hes around here we stab em”, alluding to her half-sister Yaya who was recently in the center of the stabbing incident.

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The 15-year-old’s violent threats repelled social media users. “So just because Danielle is white, you guys are okay with threatening her and harassing her and bullying her? Then don’t get mad when you black females get offended. And oh yes, keep supporting young girls to stab each other”, one user wrote.

Others are concerned about behavior Mayweather’s daughters. “Damn, Imagine all yo kids getting locked up for stabbing everybody about the same n***a && crazy thing is the daddy a damn boxer”, one social media user wrote. Another added: “Floyd, come get your other daughter before she serves life too”.

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