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Jim Morrison Left ‘The Doors’ Because of Her and Then Both Died at 27

by Tracy Finke

“The Doors” singer Jim Morrison has remained remembered as one of the cult figures of the ’60s to this day, and even though he bears the title of a rock god, he was known for his turbulent relationships.

He viewed himself as a melancholy poet who was fortunate to be part of a famous band, and in the last years of his life, he was in a relationship with Pamela Courson. Because of her, he left the band, started his solo career, and moved to Paris.

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It was Pamela who was the muse who inspired many of Morrison’s songs, including “Love Street,” “Queen of the Highway,” and “Twentieth Century Fox.” The couple met when she was 19, and he was 22.

Since childhood, Pamela showed signs of a rebellious spirit. She was the daughter of the school principal who just was not interested in school, dropped out of education, and pursued an artistic career with a friend in Los Angeles.

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Pamela met Jim Morrison at London Fog, the club where “The Doors” played before they became famous around the globe. They looked at each other as young people with a wild spirit who are independent, and their vices are the only thing they can commit to. Their personalities were very similar, so it is not surprising that, over time, they became inseparable.

From the very beginning of their relationship, the couple kept arguing, cheating on each other, but despite everything, Jim looked at Pamela as his soulmate, i.e., “cosmic mate,” as he used to say.

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It is known that Morrison, after an altercation, set fire to the room that Pamela locked herself in after she hit him. Fortunately, she came out on time. After each fight or adventure, they always returned to each other.

Pamela blackmailed him into leaving the band and going with her

They were both aware of how self-destructive they were, but they never considered stopping their illegal substances consumption. It was Pamela who did not want Jim to pursue a career in the popular band, and threatened to leave him if he did not give up “The Doors”. She thought Jim was above that band and needed to found himself in solo waters.

“The Doors” released their last album “LA Woman” with Jim Morrison in 1971, after which the singer moved to Paris with Pamela, where he devoted himself to poetry. They spent several quiet months together until the singer was found dead in July of that year. An official record says he died from an overdose and was only 27 years old.

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In the will, Morrison left everything to Pamela, raising doubts that she was guilty of his death. A few years after his death, Pamela began to have mental problems, telling friends that she was expecting his call and telling everyone that she was his wife. Illegal substances addiction drove her to death, and she overdosed in 1974. Like her partner, she was 27 when she died.