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Jennifer Lopez Sets TikTok on Fire With Her Dance, but There’s a Twist!

by Tracy Finke

Singer Jennifer Lopez, 50, and former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, 44, responded to Drake’s challenge and recorded a video that immediately went viral.

They set TikTok on fire by making the funniest video. The celebrity couple made their own version of Drake’s “Flip The Switch” challenge on Sunday afternoon, and they are definitely winners.

Image source: Instagram

Alex stands in front of a mirror in beige pants, a white shirt, and a black jacket while wearing black glasses and filming. He captures Jennifer in reflection as she curls up and plays in a white, tight dress while wearing a “Gucci” belt. She wore gold earrings on her ears and tied her hair in a bun.

The “Hustlers” star showed off her perfectly toned body. As she danced and turned at one point, everything changed.

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They switched places and roles, and suddenly Alex was in the same white dress, imitating his fiancee’s movements. The whole video was hilarious, and the ex-baseball player wanted to be authentic, so he added “smokey eyes” and golden earrings.

As he tried to play his best, Alex struggled not to burst into laughter, and that is where the video ends.

Jennifer posted the picture on her Instagram page and wrote: “Wait for it…”

Alex Rodriguez proposed J Lo in March 2019 in the Bahamas, but they haven’t got married yet because of business commitments.

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