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Video: Jennifer Lopez Sizzles in a White Swimsuit!

by Tracy Finke

The famous Jennifer Lopez has once again shown that she does not have a single flaw, but also that her face is perfect even though she is 50 years old.

J Lo often delights her fans on Instagram with snaps in provocative outfits. Recently she set Instagram on fire with mirror selfie in white bikini.

Image source: Instagram

This time she shared a video of herself in a white swimsuit, relaxing on the beach and posing for her 115 million followers on Instagram.

She first filmed herself from a never-closer angle, placing emphasis on her thigh, and then moved her phone upwards, from her flat stomach to a perfect face.

Image source: Instagram

J Lo had curly hair, barely any makeup, a perfect tan, and not to mention the wrinkles. She doesn’t have any, not even in the sun, where everything can be seen.

“No one likes a shady beach”, Jennifer Lopez captioned the video.

And how can you not wonder if it is possible to look this good at the beginning of the sixth decade?

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“A queen who has forever changed the standards for all women around the world”, one of her fans wrote, and another added: “Wow. Stunning baby”.

Image source: Instagram

“Forever young gorgeous and always the most popular”, one of the comments read.

“Beautiful goddess”, “I literally smiled the whole time watching this. You deserve it mama”, “You are legit a queen”, her followers continued to praise her.