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How Did TikTok Policy Change Hurt Cryptocurrency Creators

by Tracy Finke

TikTok is the top-grossing app these days. A lot of people are using this application for educational and entertainment purposes. Also, one can become pretty famous by adding unique content to their account. Unfortunately, TikTok has changed its community guidelines. Now, creators have to be very careful when creating and uploading videos. Otherwise, it will remove your content from the platform.

You might already know that cryptocurrencies are ruling today’s world. That is why people try to encourage others through social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and more. But TikTok is the only platform that has transformed the guidelines regarding the content.

Almost all the TikTok creators who used to educate people through their cryptocurrency content are disappointed with these guidelines. Now, nobody can upload content related to digital currencies on TikTok. Well, it happened due to a lot of reasons. In this article, we will discuss them in detail.

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What are the ways TikTok is hurting cryptocurrency creators?

Source: cnbc.com

If you are a TikTok creator and posting content related to digital currencies, you should know that it has changed its guidelines. Here are some points that you should never forget:

No cryptocurrency content:

One thing that you should be aware of is that you cannot upload videos related to digital currencies. The primary reason behind it is that TikTok wants to prevent fraudulent activities. Many incidents have happened in the past which led to this decision.

People can still upload videos, but they should be according to the guidelines. You should research well before uploading the videos. Popular cryptocurrency creators have complained a lot about the same. They still are against the policies the platform has transformed.

The slow increase in followers and views:

Source: later.com

Another thing that TikTok crypto creators have faced in recent years is slow growth. The number of followers and views is not increasing as before. Due to this, new creators are disappointed as they are not getting enough views and followers. Different creators have different experiences regarding the same.

Some are saying that digital currency content used to be popular. After the guidelines, the platform doesn’t allow people to upload content related to cryptocurrencies. Some creative people don’t even know why their growth is not good in recent times. Therefore, it is essential to figure out and analyze all these things if you want to become popular in TikTok.

New ways of making creative content:

Since TikTok has changed its guidelines, creators have found new ways to interact with people. For instance, a popular crypto creator has referred to cryptocurrency with the word girlfriend. It is pretty strange, but they can communicate with their audience through these methods.

To be a famous content creator, one must have creativity and confidence. Without both of them, you won’t become as popular as you want to be. You should also think about new and creative ways to begin your TikTok journey. If you already have your account, you must start thinking of some creative ideas to present to the audience. However, every creator can’t get better at making creative videos.

Uncertainty is always there:

Source: criptonoticias.com

As popular crypto creators couldn’t achieve their goals with their cryptocurrencies, people are thinking about other platforms. The future on this platform is pretty uncertain because of the new guidelines. So, you have to be careful while making a decision regarding it.

What are the famous cryptocurrency creators on TikTok?

If you are thinking of investing in digital currencies, you must have sufficient knowledge. Nowadays, you can find many social media platforms to educate others about cryptocurrencies. You can follow these people and consume as much information as you can. Here are some of the famous TikTok creators:

1. Bitboycrypto

Source: bitboycrypto.com

Ben Armstrong is the founder of Bitboycrypto. He is also popular on YouTube for sharing cryptocurrency content to educate others. You will be surprised to explore his videos. They are pretty informative and unique. The amount of knowledge he has about digital currencies is impressive. So, you can analyze the quality of content he creates.

2. Cryptocita

Source: linktr.ee

If you want to grow yourself as a crypto trader, you must consider Cryptocita. This account is well-known for the quality of informative videos. Beginner investors should follow this to enhance their overall performance in the crypto world. You will learn unique things about digital currencies once you follow this account. It is always better to learn new things about virtual currencies because you can grow yourself as an investor.

3. Virtualbacon

Another TikTok account that you can explore for cryptocurrency content is Virtualbacon. The best part about this creator is that his videos are made according to people beginning their crypto journey. The creator is a pretty successful trader and has many followers on this platform. You will never get rid of watching his content.

4. Thewolfofbitcoins

This account is one of the best ones in TikTok. He knows how to create videos for beginner investors. His videos are worth watching because they are straightforward to learn. If you are interested in bitcoins, you should check this account.

5. Cryptomasun

Cryptomasun is also a famous TikTok creator for gaining knowledge. Almost all the videos on this account are pretty informative and creative. You can also transform your way of thinking about digital currencies.

6. Cryptowendyo

Source: washingtonpost.com

This creator began her journey from scratch. However, it is growing every day. Well, the content on this account is fantastic. You will also find her on TikTok.

The Bottom Line

Tiktok is one of the most famous platforms for engaging with people. But after the new guidelines, people are thinking of shifting to other ones. We hope this article was informative enough to explain the same.