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“Dirty Dancing” Star Jennifer Grey Turned 60, but Her Life Wasn’t Always Easy

by Tracy Finke

Actress Jennifer Grey celebrated her 60th birthday on March 26.  The “Dirty dancing” star today looks a lot different than when she was at the height of her fame. After several plastic surgeries, she almost disappeared from Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean she’s completely forgotten.

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Jennifer was born and raised in New York City and is the daughter of Oscar-winner Joel Grey and dancer and actress Jo Wilder. As a little girl, she was taking dance lessons and attended acting classes and got her first role in a commercial.

At 23, Grey appeared in her first movie, the romantic drama “Reckless.” After that, she starred in the films “The Cotton Club” and “Red Dawn“, where she met Patrick Swayze, a colleague with whom she later starred in one of the most popular films of all time.

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A few years later, she auditioned for the lead role in “Dirty Dancing”.  Initially, she was not happy about the lead role of Swayze as she had several disagreements with him on previous projects. Although she came to terms with this, she often quarreled with the actor before shooting scenes. Despite everything, they have become one of the most famous movie couples in the world.

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“Dirty Dancing” was recorded with a budget of six million dollars and earned $ 214 million worldwide. After appearing on videotapes, the film became the first film in the world to be sold in more than one million copies. The re-release ten years later has added additional popularity to “Dirty Dancing,” and it doesn’t stop more than 30 years after it was filmed.

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After “Dirty Dance” Grey starred in several films, but her fame slowly faded. Many agree that two years after the hit movie, she began making major life mistakes, such as undergoing her first plastic surgery. She later said she entered the operating room as a star and came out as a complete anonymous. At one time, she planned to change her name just so she could start a whole new career.

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Jennifer Grey has received several notable roles in films and series, but her career has never fully recovered. The actress also had health problems, and doctors at one point diagnosed her with cancer, from which she fortunately recovered.

Matthew Broderick and the actress were a couple in 1987, and on a secret trip to Northern Ireland, they rented a car and started driving. They collided with a vehicle driven by Anna Gallagher, with her mother as well. Both women were pronounced dead at the hospital. According to a police report, there was good visibility on the road at that point, and the actor was allegedly driving on the wrong side of the road because of a habit.

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Over the years, she has been associated with many colleagues, from Michael J. Fox, Johnny Depp to Matthew Broderick, with whom she was dating, and in 2011 she married actor Clark Gregg. They are still in a happy marriage today, and they have an 18-year-old daughter, Stella. Jennifer lives in Los Angeles with her family.