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Forget Coronavirus, Melania Trump Has Other Priorities!

by Sinisav

If you didn’t hear, America has become the epicenter of coronavirus pandemic. But this doesn’t bother the First Lady Melania Trump as she shared a piece of advice to all the parents that now work from home as a part of her Be Best campaign. She found herself under critics fire as the time is not right for her campaign.

For all people around the world, the coronavirus outbreak is the main issue. Many have lost their lives because of this disease, and this creates concern. During coronavirus battle, Melania is promoting her campaign for children and how to use social media in the right manner.

Melania Trump

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At the moment, the unemployment rate is going up as more than 3.3 million people have applied for unemployment provisions. Furthermore, the New York City hospitals no longer have a place for all patients, and some of them are receiving care at parking lots.

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But, Melania seems as she doesn’t care minding her own business and promoting her campaign on Twitter. In one of her most recent tweets, the First Lady wrote: “While most children are at home during this challenging time, they tend to be on social media throughout the day. Parents, please be sure to check on them regularly to be sure they’re practicing online safety.”

It is an understatement to say that comments weren’t positive. One user wrote:” I’d check on @realDonaldTrump then, Mel. He’s making everyone less safe by being online.” Another added: “I’m sure everyone is grateful to be receiving parenting advice from you.”

The third comment we’re about to quote really hit the spot: “Kids here are currently home until at least May 15th, and yet your husband wants to send everyone back to work in 2 weeks. What are parents supposed to do then? How can that #BeBest for children? I don’t expect an answer. “

It would seem that Donald Trump doesn’t know what’s he doing while Melania simply doesn’t care or doesn’t bother to get herself involved in fighting coronavirus.

Source: express.co.uk