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J. Lo Cannot Wait for Super Bowl!

by Elsa Stringer

This year’s Super Bowl is in for a treat, as two of the biggest Latina stars will join forces for the amazing halftime show when Jennifer Lopez and Shakira step onto the stage.


J. Lo, 50, shared a video of her Super Bowl preparations on her Instagram profile. The followers can see their favorite singer and actress bent over in the way NFL players are, waiting for the hut mark!

Soon she starts moving, mic in hand.

“I’ve just been here on the 25 yard line and waiting for my que,” she says to the camera.

After a couple of steps she sat on the grass waiting for her moment to shine. Her colleague and fellow Latina Shakira will share the stage with J. Lo, in what is going to be a true spectacle.

The two world famous singers will hit the stage together for the first time ever. When she shared the news about the halftime show, she expressed her thanks to the organizers and said how proud she was of them for choosing two strong Latino women.


“I think the organizers really wanted to set an example and I am very happy to be a part of the women empowerment movement that supports diversity,” said Lopez in a statement.

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