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Jennifer Lopez Wore a Provocative Outfit at the LAFCA Awards

by Elsa Stringer

Jennifer Lopez can wear anything, even a trash bag, and she will look just stunning. Her body looks perfect and it’s all because of her regular workouts and good nutrition and diet.

She appeared in a beautiful blue gown at the LAFCA Awards in Los Angeles, where she won the Best Supporting Actor award for starring as stripper Ramon in “Hustlers“.


The beautiful singer and actress looked outstanding in an Elie Saab creation and Jimmy Choo sandals. But one detail confused everyone and a lot of people, mostly women talked about it on social media. And the detail was how did she manage to look so stunning and what trick did she use to camouflage her nipples, because everything looked so perfect and smooth.

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We don’t know the right answer, but most likely the trick was a self-adhesive tape that also lifts the breast.
But not everything is perfect in the life of J.Lo. She might have to cash up a lot because she is being sued by Samantha Barbash.


Samantha is a former stripper and based on her life the movie “Hustlers” was made. But Barbash claims that J.Lo’s production companies Nuyorican Productions and Stx productions offered her to sign a waiver, give them rights to shoot the movie and give all of the rights to them. She respectfully declined that offer, but they still made the movie based on her persona and her life and work, without her permission.


Now Samantha filed a lawsuit against Lopez’s subdivisions and she is seeking $40 million and every copy of the movie. When she filed the lawsuit she handed documents that stated that there is sufficient evidence to link Jennifer Lopez’s character to Samantha Barbash’s character and work and that the accused has created scenes and dialogues that are untrue and utterly irresponsible.

J.Lo was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie “Hustlers”.