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J. Lo and A. Rod are Helping the Hungry

by Elsa Stringer

The famous power couple of actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, and her husband and former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, are the latest celebrities who donated food to the hungriest people in the USA.

Lopez and her husband have donated 1 million meals each in collaboration with Wheels Up and Feeding America. During these rough times, dozens of celebrities have recognized the need for donations and helped those who have been hit with the pandemic in the worst ways possible.

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Lopez has called for other celebrities and influential people to follow the #MealsUp movement and donate however much they can for the most important cause at the moment. On Twitter, she wrote this message:


Have you guys heard about @WheelsUp Meals Up? Alex and I have partnered with @DangeRussWilson in donating 1 million meals each to @FeedingAmerica to help people across the country during this difficult time. We are grateful to come together, even when we are apart.”

More and more celebrities are joining in and it is beautiful to see how much good we can do for the world when we come together to help the less fortunate.

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