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Ivanka’s Children Wash Their Hands With $40 Soap in a Instagram Clip

by Sinisav

DAILY MAIL – 03/27/2020: Ivanka Trump decided to make people know how to behave during the coronavirus outbreak. The first daughter decided to get help from her children. She shared a video on Instagram, which shows her three children washing hands. As you know, in order to avoid coronavirus infection, one of the things you need to do is to wash your hands frequently.

Ivanka brought joy to the hearts of her followers with a touching clip that shows her three children, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore washing their little hands, with diligence while also singing the alphabet in chorus.

Ivanka Trump

Source: dailymail.com

The first daughter captioned the video with: “We ALL have a role to play to slow the spread! Wash your hands (ohhh…and turn off the sink with your elbow or a towel while you do to save … still a work in progress with these guys 10 days in).”

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Netizens were quick to notice that Ivanka is using a super expensive soap from the Aesop brand. The bottle of the soap she uses costs approximately $40.

With this video, Ivanka is evidently looking to find a balance between her position in the White House, being a mother, and her attempt to remain a celebrity. Her video comes one week after many celebrities shared similar videos of their children, washing hands, and bringing awareness to this disease to people.

Ivanka Trump’s video has almost 450,000 views in just one day. As it’s usually the case with Trump’s family, the comments were mixed. While some praised that she takes care of her children, others commented that they are wasting water. This is something Ivanka herself mentioned during the clip.

The first daughter had a coronavirus scare only a few days ago after she was in contact with Australian officials who were later diagnosed with this virus. Luckily, her results came back negative, and she continued with her duties in the White House.

Source: dailymail.com