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Ivanka Wore Zendaya x Tommy Collection Outfit – Try Guessing the Price?

by Sinisav

DAILY MAIL – 01/15/2020: Ivanka Trump knows how to dress for an occasion. On Tuesday, she went to Atlanta to visit and talk to survivors of human trafficking. She had an outfit from Hollywood’s star Zendaya collection.

Her outfit was released by Tommy Hilfiger, and it belongs to the collection called Tommy x Zendaya. Ivanka looked astonishing in a monogrammed suit, turtleneck, and matching pants. Knowing the high-end style nurtured by Trump’s, you will be surprised by the cost of Ivanka’s clothes for this occasion.

Ivanka Trump

Source: dailymail.co.uk

President adviser’s blazers goes for $295; her top stands at $99.50 while her pants are $149.50. All pieces are from Tommy x Zendaya collection released by Tommy Hilfiger. With only $544, Ivanka managed to look classy, elegant, and modest at the same time.

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Her hair was short, bob-cut, while her ears had mid-size earrings on them. With only a touch of makeup, she really managed to win over people in Atlanta.

This was the first time Ivanka Trump appeared wearing something from Zendaya’s collection. The Spiderman star wore the same outfit at her appearance as a model for Tommy Hilfiger at a runaway in March last year. Ivanka was in Atlanta to meet with victims of human trafficking. She promoted her visit on Instagram, and the entire world could see her actions and her appearance too.

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An estimated 12,400 sex trafficking transactions take place in Atlanta each month. Today I visited City of Refuge and Wellspring Living, 2 transformative organizations that protect the most vulnerable and provide transformative care through spiritual nurturing, therapeutic services, education, life skills and personal and professional development. These Atlanta safe havens provide women with the opportunity for rescue, restoration, and a chance to start a new life. The stories shared with us by survivors of human trafficking today were incredibly powerful. These women warriors represent resilience and strength on a level few of us will ever know. The entire Trump Administration is committed to combating this evil.

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We’re not sure if Ivanka is a fan of Spiderman movies, or Zendaya’s latest TV show called Euphoria. What we can tell is that she definitely approves her sense in fashion. Maybe after Zendaya notices this, she changes her opinion on Trump Family, and most notably Donald.

If you didn’t know, Zendaya is not really fond of President Trump. In the past, she called out him and his actions on Twitter more than once. Ivanka wearing her wardrobe could change for this, or maybe we shouldn’t mix politics and fashion?

Source: dailymail.co.uk