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Ivanka Trump Was Tested For COVID-19 And Now We Have Results

by Sinisav

THE HILL – 03/20/2020: On Friday, you could see Ivanka Trump, senior adviser to President Donald Trump and his daughter, conducting her daily duties at White House. She was absent for a couple of days because of coronavirus. The first daughter was in contact with people who were later diagnosed with COVID-19.

Because of this, she was tested for COVID-19, as it’s protocol after a national emergency was announced. Luckily her results came back negative, and she was cleared to return to her duties as President’s adviser. For one week, Ivanka was working from home because of Irisks that coronavirus brings with itself.


Source: nydailynews.com

One White House official informed the public about Ivanka trump condition after one week of quarantine: “Over the last week, Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump has followed social distancing best practices at her home. At the advisement of her doctors, due to lack of symptoms and consistently healthy physician checks, Advisor Trump will be working from the White House today.”

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After the outbreak of coronavirus, now we have specific protocols that all employees of the White House need to respect. Ivanka is no exception: “As is done with every employee at the White House, she will undergo the same health/temperature checks to maintain the safety of herself, her children and those in the White House.”

Ivanka was self-quarantined since last Friday after her meetings with Australian officials who were later diagnosed with COVID-19. Just like her father, President Donald Trump, she was cleared to continue with her work as her results came back negative.

Source: thehill.com