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Isa Buscemi Poses in A Bikini Branded Too Small by Fans!

by Sinisav

Isa Buscemi is an Instagram influencer and a Fashion Nova model. She loves to provoke her fans with revealing photos, but now she might hit a wall. Commenting on her latest post, many fans agree that a bikini she wore might be too small.

This might be a new trend on Instagram during these quarantine days, but some fans find it obnoxious. Netizens claim that it pains them to watch the model with part of her chest, finding its way out of the tiny bikini.

Isa Buscemi

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Miss Buscemi captioned the photo with: “How’s everyone’s quarantine going? Mine is going so well! I honestly love being home with Henry, jade, and the doggies. We’re enjoying the backyard more than ever, and I’m sooo happy � I just miss my parents so much, I haven’t seen them to avoid getting them sick. But overall, I don’t mind being home all day, hehe.”

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Now, we must be honest; there are those who love the way Isa Buscemi looks. Yes, it can be branded as too much, or that it lacks taste, but Isa looks better than ever. But, her’s another opinion from Instagram user: “The whole suit looks too small. It’s doesn’t look right.”

Comments as these kept on coming: “Well, I mean the top is clearly too small, or might want to size up on the top.” All of these are on the spot, but do we really have an issue with it? It’s like someone is looking for a needle in a haystack.

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just wanna be in the Bahamas rn, how bout you? ?

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But, the problem is not Isa Buscemi. This model of bikini has the intention to reveal too much in the lower part of women’s chests. It’s priced at $50, and it’s selling like crazy, which means some females approve its design and are eager to wear it.

Source: dailystar.co.uk