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Danielle Lloyd Reveals too Much in a Tiny G-string Bikini!

by Velibor Jotanovic

DAILY STAR – 04/11/2020: Twitter users have it more comfortable during the lock-down than people who do not use this social network. It’s all thanks to the girls such as Danielle Lloyd, who keep treating us with saucy photos and videos.

Danielle decided to promote her account on yet another social network, and she did it in fashion. Her fans were left with their mouths open as she shared a much-revealing video.

Danielle Lloyd

Source: twitter.com

The clip in question shows Ms. Lloyd turning half-round forward and backward, revealing her perfectly flat stomach and peachy shaped bum. The 36-year old model was almost entirely naked sporting only a pink bikini. The lower-body part is a skinny g-string model that indeed left the fans drooling.

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While the video is a quick-revolving one, we have had a good look at her perfect curves that leave no one indifferent.

Spending time in self-isolation, quarantine, or imposed lock-down is not an easy feat. It’s equally hard for famous people such as Danielle Lloyd and us. But the TV reality star is at least trying to animate the rest of us. Truth be told she’s doing it just fine.

The glamour model has been teasing her fans for weeks now, sharing provocative pics all over Twitter in an attempt to attract new followers. At the moment she’s followed by almost 410,000 people. On Instagram, this number is more significant as Ms. Lloyd already passed the half-million mark and is closing to 600,000 followers.

Source: dailystar.co.uk

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