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In Awkward Fashion Donald Trump Reaches New Levels of Orangeness

by Sinisav

THE GUARDIAN – 02/09/2020: Donald Trump managed the impossible. His tan became even more orange. Photographed on the White House lawn, with the wind in his hair, Trump appeared to be more orange than ever. The photo quickly went viral, causing the hashtag #orangeface to go trending.

A certain William Moon posted the photo in question. His Twitter account goes by the name White House Photos, and it’s not verified. Moon describes himself as a: “White House Correspondent, Journalist, Photographer, Poet, and Pesco Vegetarian.”

Donald Trump

Source: twitter.com

Officials of the White House posted the same photo on their White House Twitter account, but it was black-and-white, reducing the chances of noticing Trump’s orangeness. They captioned the picture with a cringe description stating that the President danced with the sunset and strong winds while walking towards the Oval Office.

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As you probably know, Donald Trump is very sensitive about his appearance. So, when the photo started circling the net, he was not pleased. In fact, POTUS was furious. He accused the one who took the picture that it’s not an authentic version of him as parts of the photo were photoshopped. Furthermore, POTUS decided to praise himself, saying that despite the strong wind, his hair looked good.

By further investigate this photo of Trump and his orangeness, more people believe that the picture was, in fact, photoshopped. There are many photos of Trump showing his tan lines, and his unnaturally orange face, but this one is the worst ever. But, the White House confirmed its authenticity by stating that the photo was not photoshopped but that it was edit using an apple smartphone and one of its apps. Thanks to this, the orange color of Donald Trump’s face was enhanced.

While there could be many explanations to what’s the real truth, it doesn’t matter now. The photo is making rounds on Twitter, and everyone is having a laugh. Well, Donald Trump isn’t, nor probably his supporters. But they should. Orange is the new black, after all.

Source: theguardian.com