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Is Melania Trump The Most Beautiful First Lady Ever?

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 02/09/2020: You can say whatever you want about the First Lady Melania Trump, but you can’t deny that she’s beautiful. Besides, Melania has a great sense of fashion. Since becoming the First Lady, she doesn’t stop to impress us with her outfits.

Using her official Twitter account, Melania Trump shared a couple of photos from the 2018 Governors Ball. These photos are never-before-seen material, and as such, caused a quick reaction from Internet users. The pictures show her in a black gown, which shows her attributes perfectly. Her husband, Donald Trump, also features in the photos.

Melania Trump

Source: twitter.com

The reason why the First Lady decided to show these photos right now is that we have an upcoming Governors Ball. The annual tradition brings together all representatives of the States and their prettier halves.

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One of the photos shows Melania Trump and her husband, Donald Trump, close together. This is a rare public display of affection, which is something Melania avoided in recent times. Because of her behavior, some medial outlets started writing that not everything is right between the presidential couple.

The pictures were well accepted by Melania’s followers, as she looks astonishing. The comments on her looks followed on another. Those who follow @FLOTUS went as far as to claim that we are witnessing history right now as Melania is the most beautiful First Lady ever.

While there might be truth to these claims, there were those wanting for Donald Trump to win the upcoming elections only to have Melania as FLOTUS for another four years. Others pledged their loyalty claiming that they will support Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency in order to be close to the first lady.

Furthermore, Melania’s Twitter followers are now eager to see FLOTUS’s outfit in the upcoming Governors Ball. Other chances where they will be able to see her impress with her style are two fundraisers for Donald’s campaign scheduled for March 18th in Beverly Hills, and March 25th at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Source: express.co.uk