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Importance of Social Media Management for Your Business

by William Gist

Have you ever wondered why there has been so much talk lately about social networks, marketing and advertising on this channel? If you look around, you’ll notice that everybody’s obsessed with connecting their lives to online communities, having fun that way, and people who don’t find them catchy are quite rare. But being funny isn’t the only virtue of these. They also have a great impact on improving one’s business and making it stronger, especially

if it requires frequent communication with clients. We live in a really fast time and it’s rather difficult to get people’s attention in any way. According to some scientific studies performed, the time frame in which people decide whether or not they’re interested in something they’re offered rarely exceeds seven seconds. Also, another interesting piece of information – before buying any product or choosing a service, more than one third of consumers from all over the world will get informed about a product or brand right on social networks.


This is precisely why companies that aren’t sufficiently active on these are far behind their competition -enterprises which consistently and regularly use them to promote products and services. However, it’s not really a piece of cake like in cases when we’re spending our free time casually scrolling down our feed. It’s not enough only to decide to start using this method of promotion and communication and to expect results immediately.

It should be emphasized that this kind of marketing doesn’t include only posting different images and statuses on Facebook or just responding to incoming messages on Twitter. Moreover, a complete commitment to the network on which the company resides is necessary in order for you to expect results.

And now, let’s have a look at the points of huge significance for the connection business has with social media.


1. The perfect way to communicate with your potential and current clients and provide them with proper customer care

You increase your authority as a company when you show that you care about your customers and thus build trust. Customer service doesn’t need to include only phone lines and official email correspondence. Survey results show that the majority of respondents’ purchasing decisions are influenced by the information they have seen on Facebook or Instagram.

Through those, users can interact with you, ask questions and share their opinions. Could you ever have a better feedback than this? You have the opportunity to convey news about what the company is doing to your clients or potential business partners. There are also many options for easier maintenance of client’s records that will help you

2. Finding new customers

Social networks bring together a large number of people of different profiles and interests. Through them, we get the ability to form the correct profile of the target group who would be interested in our services or our product. In doing so, we don’t have to force all users to shift their focus, nor to overwhelm everybody with the content that might interest only a specific group of people.

Here we can choose sufficiently precise guidelines and market the content exactly to the type of people we need. Therefore, we start to build trust with consumers because they feel important, see that the company has chosen them and it might impress them that the company knows how to recognize them as interested.


3. Tracking competing businesses or companies

When running your business, it’s a must to keep up with market developments, innovations, trends, and the most important – with your competition. This is another purpose of social media. You’re probably aware that in most cases, any kind of business has some kind of rivals. Sometimes we aren’t the first ones who came up with a certain idea, and we need to make our concept stand out as something different and new. That’s the only way of achieving bigger interest for buyers or customers.

It’s not always easy, but paying attention and following the development and ideas of your competitors might give you some unique ideas to improve yours. Insights into what they’re doing can give you some inspiration and motivation for creating your strategy, enhancing decision making efficiency or your content. After that, you can work on the content without worries – and even if you’re struggling, you can always get some help by using management tools like Kontentino or similar handy stuff.


4. Following customers’ needs and desires

As we stated in previous sections, social media marketing enables you to receive more than useful feedback directly from your client. The importance of this aspect is crucial for your further business development. However, not everything has to be based on their words addressed to you.

Try to follow their opinions ‘from shadow’ – by analyzing their posts, comments, the hashtags or any other details you can find on their profiles. If you’re focused on Twitter, ExportData is a helpful tool that allows you to export and analyze data on Twitter. You will have more insight into your Twitter followers, following and also their timeline. Not only will you get a clue about their preferences without spamming them with messages and emails – you’ll also improve your own ways of perception. You’ll know what they like and what they don’t, but also what things or steps you won’t need to waste your time on, and what you should devote more time to.


5. An easier way to reach new employees

When it comes to finding ‘new cookies’ and new additions to the team, many employers prefer old good, regular ways of searching. But those who are more into modern solutions use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and especially LinkedIn as best places for job openings and recruitment. Such sources are also important for displaying a positive image of the company and assisting future candidates in their decision to join the collective.

This is another reason why you should invest some time and imagination in maintaining your pages on social media, as the ones who might be interested in working with you will also want to find out more about your enterprise or ways of working. The more compelling is the information you’re offering there, the better impression you’ll leave on them, as well. On the other hand, if you aren’t a present and frequent user of social networks, you might miss many great candidates.

Social networks in terms of business are definitely something essential and productive. However, you need to be aware that this marketing channel is profitable only if you put a decent amount of effort in order to keep it ‘alive’. Effort brings some truly amazing results, better traffic for your websites, collaborations and plenty of success, but none of it happens overnight. It takes patience and constant work, but once it’s achieved, you can be sure that you’ve found a perfect way of controlling your business in the best possible way.