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How Trademarks Can Help Protect Your Unique Brand and Business?

by Dangula Bingula

Intellectual Property Protection is no doubt very good option. Whatever unique symbol, trade name, device or anything unique you have, you can get the intellectual property rights for them.


Branding the brand!

Different companies have different names and logos. To save them from getting infringed, the company can take intellectual property rights on their property.


When a company goes for the trademark registration in UAE firstly, it will get the legal rights. This is to be noted here that the protection under the registration will is limited to a particular geographic area. If the company wants wider protection under the intellectual property rights, the company can go for the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO.) for registration in UAE.

Importance of trademark

To protect your brand or brand name, getting privileges over it is very important. This is the only way your customers can recognize your brand distinctive from other hundreds of brands.


If the name of the company is not protected, any company would be free to use the brand name. This will have a really bad impact on the company and its value. To build a recognizable brand, a lot of time is invested by the company, Not just time but also money. Without the protection of the brand, everything can simply go in vain. so, it would be profitable for the company to get its name/symbol/slogan registered on time.

Broad Protection

If the company wants to go for the broad protection, it must not include any specific design. In addition to that, the company should not include any web extension if it is going for the registration of a domain name. These web extensions may include .com, .net, or .org. If you do not add the web extensions, there are chances that someone else could take the same domain with a different extension.

Difference Between a Trademark and a Brand?

Both of these terms are used more often but there exists a legal difference between both of these terms.

The brand is something a company chooses in order to represent itself.

Trademark whereas on the other hand is legal protection for the brand items or for the intellectual property, you can visit Cohn Legal for more information about trademarks.


The procedure of application:

  • Carry out the trademark research
  • Fill the application form and file it
  • File an intent-to-use form
  • Pay the required fees

Companies should take the matter of brand name registration very seriously. They should be very keen on choosing the right name for their brand. If not, they can lose their audience. That is why companies should invest time in choosing the right name for themselves. Also, after choosing the right name, companies should get it registered as soon as possible. If the registration is not carried out on time, there are chances that someone else would infringe your trademark.

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