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How to Choose High-Quality Diamond

by William Gist

Buying jewelry is always hot and we want to buy a gorgeous diamond for as little as we can pay, right? However, if you are hunting for diamonds, you should know that having a thick wallet will help a lot.

The first thing we consider is the price more than the quality, and the second puts shape, color,  authenticity, cut grade, clarity, and the location and store credibility. You should not rush into a decision that will disappoint “a lucky winner”. Keep reading for the tips on buying the right diamond for your loved one.

The place where you intend to spend your money on a diamond has to be cross-checked. In the modern age, online shops can be more affordable than traditional shops offering you satisfactory official proof with information that is a click away. Above all, we suggest to check if the dealer is genuine or not, then to proceed to the next step of the purchase.

The untrained eye can’t spot a difference in a real diamond, and a Cubic Zirconia mostly used as a substitute to reduce the cost of jewelry. Note that the most significant fact between them is that sparkle in a diamond. Cubic Zirconia doesn’t have a substantial effect on the eye and tends to darken with time, while on the other hand a real one never loses its glare.


When speaking about high quality in a diamond, it must possess a high level of clarity. This should be considered as the most crucial fact when making your decision. For the top choices, we suggest the diamonds with the next GRADE/CATEGORY: FL/ Flawless, and IF/ Internally Flawless. These are the two types of the highest clarity available today.


The cut grade can make a difference in the whole look and the spark of the diamond. Most brilliant-cut ones have over fifty angled flat surfaces or facets that bring to the end impression. We suggest that you target the diamonds with the specification of an excellent cut, very good cut, and well cut from the cut diamond scale list.

Carats and the weight are probably the defining part about the price of the diamond. As the weight increases, so does the total cost, of course. The number of the carats is depended on the measurement, 0.007 of an ounce is the same as one carat is 1/5 of a gram. Remember that there are 5 carats in 1 gram and 142 carats in 1 ounce, meaning it will depend on how much you can afford to spend.


Diamond Origin Certificate Confirmation is something you should ask the seller to check. The document follows up from the legitimate and ethical procedure of possession of the diamond. The mentioned certificate includes a serial number on the girdle, validity that it is organic, quality, color, weight, and clarity in the majority of cases.


The attractive part of the complete procedure is choosing the color of the diamond. The most desirable ones are the colorless, and the near-colorless on the color scale list for diamonds. Specific colors are accustomed to rare diamonds like blue, green, orange, pink, and the most common yellow. The final word will be yours, and we hope we have presented you with enough options to use when required.