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Flawless Dresses And Hairstyles For Flower Girls

by Elsa Stringer

People often ignore the importance of flower girls. They only think about bridesmaid and would-be-brides. Keep it in mind that flower girls are essential to increase the charm of your wedding ceremony. The adorable, young girls scatter flower petals while walking with the bride. They look adorable in their flattering hairstyles and dresses. From beautiful flower girl dresses to glamorous headpieces, you have to pay attention to everything.

To choose a perfect dress for your flower girl, you have to consider your budget, quality, and length of dress, season, wrinkle factor, comfort, and color and formality style.


Formality and Style

The formality of a flower girl’s dress depends on the theme of the wedding. For a beach wedding, you have to choose airy and light colors, such as yellows, blues, light pinks, etc. If you want your ceremony in the ballroom setting, you can choose a fancy gown for a flower girl. Regardless of the theme of your wedding, it is essential to consider the comfort of your little girl.


The style is an essential factor in the selection of dresses for a flower girl. Fortunately, cheap flower girl dresses are available in different styles, such as sequined and beaded dresses, A-Line dresses, corset dresses, belle pick-up dresses, lace, and embroidered dresses.

The color of Flower Girl Dresses

Consider the colors in your wedding theme before buying a dress for your little girl. You can incorporate her dress with the color scheme of your bridal gown. Put beautiful bows and ribbons in her hair. Feel free to choose a colored flowery accent that may match the color in the dresses of bridesmaid.


Comfortable and Wrinkle-free Dresses

Regardless of the age of your flower girl, you have to select a comfortable dress. Comfy footwear and apparel are necessary for your cute girl. Always remember that small girls don’t sit at the reception for a long duration. She will like to play around with her friend. Try to pick a wrinkle-free fabric, such as chiffon. Avoid velvet and silk to decrease the chances of tear and wrinkles.


Time and weather of the year are essential to consider while selecting a dress for your flower girl. For spring or summer, you can buy sleeveless dresses. You may need long sleeves and a pair of tights or socks for colder months.

Hairstyle for Flower Girls

To get all eyes on your cute flower girl, you have to choose a beautiful hairstyle for her. Here are some excellent options:


Crowned: Keep her hair away from her face in a stylish ballerina bun. Use flowers of her bouquet to decorate her crown.
Classic Curls: With classic, loose curls, you can give a sweet hairstyle to your flower girl. Give a soft finish to her hairstyle by pinning some front locks toward the back.


Floral Hairpiece: With beautiful hairpieces, you can give a unique flair to your flower girls. Feel free to use a birdcage headband with her long curls.
Fishtail Braid: A lovely fishtail braid with luscious blossoms can be a perfect choice for warm months.