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How To Choose A Perfect Beard Shape

by Elsa Stringer

A beard can be the single most important part of a guy’s appearance if groomed to perfection. Beards are extremely popular amongst us guys, and having the best beard shape lies solely on our face shape. With beards becoming a question of “how” rather “if” it’s important to understand what kind of beard shape will best suit you. According to beardoholic.com you can have all the best beard accessories, but if you do not choose the right shape, it will be far from perfect. To achieve the perfect shape of the beard, use electric shavers for sensitive skin. They will last longer than other analogues and will save time by leaving smooth skin.


Just like a certain hairstyle doesn’t suit everyone well, a beard is no different. In this article, we are going to tell you how to choose the perfect beard shape, based on your face shape.

What Face Shape am I?

In order to find out your face shape, you must measure it. This can be done with a simple measuring tape and it takes no more than a few minutes of your time. Make sure to properly measure your forehead, cheekbones, Jawline, and face length. Once done, note which one of those is the largest and based on that your face will fit into the following types:
• Oval
If your face length is greater than your cheekbones, and your forehead is greater than your jawline, then you fall into the category of oval face shapes.
• Rectangle
If your face length is the greatest part, then you fall into the category of rectangle face shapes.
• Triangular
If your jawline is greater than your cheekbones, and your cheekbones are greater than your forehead, then you fall into the category of triangular face shapes.
• Round
Your cheekbones are the similar length as your face length, and they both greater than the jawline and forehead, then you fall into the category of round face shapes.
So how do you pick the perfect beard shape based on what we discussed here?


Which beard shape suits an oval face?

As an oval face type, you have the amazing ability to be compatible with multiple beard shapes. That versatility comes from the fact that you have both square and round features as oval face shape. Compatible with most beard shapes, barbers suggest for a timeless and classical beard style. Clean on the cheeks and short on the sides is the beard shape for you, and trust me, with some of the  best beard growth products you will get to the goal in no time.


Which beard shape suits a rectangular face?

Since being a carrier of rectangular face shape, your face will naturally look longer. Barbers advise staying away from longer beards and pointy styles as they further enhance your long face. So because of this, barbers suggest going for a shorter beard shape with full cheeks on a beard.


What beard shape suits a triangular face?

Having a triangular face shape means that your beard must take away the attention from your chin. Your facial hair needs to draw attention away from your chin, so barbers suggest a combination of beard and mustache. As your jawline is considered wide, avoid having any hair on your cheeks as it will further enhance it.


What beard shape suits a round face?

Since a round face is neither here or there, experts suggest going for a triangular beard shape. Avoid for a style that is soft on the cheeks and longer towards your chin. A goatee is the perfect beard shape for you since it is the definition of a triangular beard shape: