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How Strong Is Mia Khalifa: Fans Are Asking If She Prepares for MMA?

by Tracy Finke

The most famous retired adult movie star, Mia Khalifa, 27, by no means settles down in a single profession. After leaving the adult entertainment industry, she did a little modeling work, was a bit of a sports commentator, and now, it seems, according to fan comments, she is exercising to get into MMA.

She posted a photo of herself lifting weights, with two men helping her. She posed in heels, with her chest emphasized. “I’m helping THEM, not the other way around”, Mia captioned the photo.

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By the way, Mia recently found herself in the spotlight after posting a video in her wedding dress. In March, Lebanon star got engaged to Swedish chef Robert Sandberg, 29, in Chicago, and this would be her second marriage.

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Image source: Instagram

As an 18-year-old, she married her high school love, but that relationship did not survive.

“The ex-husband was jealous,” she said at the time when she was not yet a world-famous actress. With Robert, the marriage, Mia hopes, will last until death separates them.

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Although she has been retired for several years, fans are hoping that Khalifa is only joking and will return to the world of adult movies someday.

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