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Mia Khalifa Is Getting Married: “I Hope My Second Marriage Lasts!”

by Tracy Finke

The most famous retired adult movie star, Mia Khalifa, posted a photo of herself in a wedding dress for the second time in a few days on her Instagram profile.

In March, 27-years-old Lebanese actress got engaged to Swedish chef Robert Sandberg, in Chicago, and this would be her second marriage. As an 18-year-old, she got married while she was in high school, but that marriage didn’t last.

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“The ex-husband was jealous,” she said at the time when she was not yet a world-renowned adult movie star. With 29-year-old Robert, the marriage, Mia hopes, will last until death separates them.

Mia recently posted a selfie in a tiny white dress with a caption: “If anyone is wondering (no one), I will be living in @markarian_nyc’s white dresses until the day I walk down the aisle”.

Image source: Instagram

Although he has been retired for several years, fans are hoping that Khalifa will return to the world of adult entertainment someday.

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“People think I’m racking in millions from p**n. Completely untrue. I made a total of around $12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that. Difficulty finding a normal job after quitting p**n was scary”, Mia said in one interview.

Khalifa became one of the more prominent names in the industry, working for only three months between 2014 and 2015. “To clarify, I was never promised ‘millions’, nor do I expect it. I’m just clarifying common misconceptions about me, and in turn, about the industry,” she added.

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She stopped filming when she started receiving death threats after shooting in a hijab. Her Instagram account got hacked by ISIS.

“It all went to hell when ISIS threatened me. That’s when I decided to quit. As soon as I became popular, I told myself, one should get away from all this. It wasn’t something I wanted to do forever, anyway. I just wanted to have fun,” Mia said on one occasion.

Mia Khalifa is now a sports commentator, and she was a co-host in a daily sports talk show called “Out of Bounds” for two months.

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