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Halle Berry Shows Her Perfect Body in “Pillow Dress”

by Tracy Finke

Famous actress Halle Berry joined in an unusual social media dare named “The pillow challenge” and rocked it. She posted a picture on Instagram wearing a black pillow as a dress and blown away her followers.

The 53-year-old star used a fluffy pillow, which she belted around her waist. Then she took a high-fashion pose. She didn’t forget accessories, such as heels, sunglasses, and a hat.

Image source: Instagram

“You already KNOW you couldn’t keep me from the #PillowChallenge”, the captioned read. The actress flaunted her perfectly toned body.

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It is known that Halle has a rigorous working routine and that she is also a big fan of the keto diet.

Her followers were left in complete awe. “This is so good!!! Need to do this”, “Man I love you”, “Man I love you”, “That damn pillow looks good asf on you Halle”, “You killed it”, some of the comments read.

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