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First Coronavirus Death in Russia Confirmed

by Tracy Finke

First coronavirus-related death in Russia has been confirmed as a 79-year-old woman with pre-existing health conditions has passed away.

Moscow’s coronavirus headquarters said that the unnamed woman was hospitalized last week and later moved to an isolated room after tested positive for coronavirus.

Image source: codastory.com

They stated that she died due to pneumonia and a combination of several other pre-existing health conditions.

The head physician at Moscow’s Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 2 Svetlana Krasnova said that “the elderly patient had a number of chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, artery disease and hypertension”, and that “the patient was given comprehensive intensive care”.

Image source: themoscowtimes.com

In Russia, so far, have been reported 147 cases of coronavirus infections and now one death. The government is considering imposing anti-coronavirus measures as banning large gatherings, closing schools, and encouraging working from home across the entire country, The Moskow Times reported.