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Christine McGuinness Once Was Anorexic, but Now Everything Changed

by Tracy Finke

British model Christine McGuinness, 31, the wife of the host of the British show “Take Me Out” Paddy McGuinness, is one of those who can boast about a fantastic figure.

This is why this blonde bombshell draws attention wherever she appears. Recently, she used her free time for a walk, and although it was a rainy day, she treated passersby with a provocative image.

Image source: profimedia.com

She had a tight T-shirt under which she did not wear a bra, so her breasts were clearly outlined and a cardigan was draped over her. She combined it with lightweight sports pants and boots, as well as fashionable hair accessories.

Many consider she has one of the most attractive bodies. However, Christine’s story was completely different a few years ago. The former Miss Liverpool was tormented with anorexia. According to experts, anorexia can strike in the middle age. You can read more about it on this website.

When she met her current husband, Christine often lied about how she had already eaten, to avoid embarrassing questions about why she was starving. At the time, she was tiny, and she wore a size 32.

Image source: Instagram

“I myself suffered from an eating disorder as a teenager, and at my lowest point, I often thought about ending my life. I wish someone had taught me about the benefits that healthy eating and exercise can give you on the inside and on the outside of your body a lot sooner”, she said.

Image source: Instagram

On another occasion, she recalled: “I don’t like calling it anorexia, but I guess it was. If I could get through a week with nothing at all, just water, that was an achievement. Then I’d have a big pizza, then nothing”.

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Christine now has a body that everyone would like thanks to healthy eating and regular exercise, which she still practices today.

By the way, she has been in modeling business since she was 14, and although she is naturally thin, she was told that because of her success in the fashion industry, she should lose weight.

However, that was the reason she lost her job – they hired her earlier because of the curves, and they disappeared after the weight loss. She managed to overcome anorexia due to her goodwill, but also to her husband, who helped her a lot.

She looks perfect today and is a mother of three, and has been happily married to Paddy since 2011.