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Famous Actresses You Never Knew Went to Rehab

by Elsa Stringer

We all love a good gossip, and actresses we all love and watch do have a life outside of the series and movies we see them in. They face many challenges in their career and some of them did start using and becoming addicted to various substances.

It is still not sure why this occurs in such quantity, but it is evident it does. No matter how much they want to hide, sometimes it is impossible to hide these things from the tabloids. On the other hand, it is good to come forward and perhaps be an example for young who see them as role models.

1. Drew Barrymore


She may seem like a bundle of happiness, but it is known that the people who look happy, deep down are not. This seems to be the case with Drew; she has experienced addicting early in her life, in the very early teens, when she was only thirteen.

She was very popular as a kid, as this has led to her starting to use and abuse psychoactive substances and eventually get sent to rehab by her loved ones. This has helped her to deal with this, wrap up her education and become successful later on in life.

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2. Jamie Lee Curtis


She has been exposed to the glamour of Hollywood from a young age due to the popularity of her parents. As any teenager that has experienced this life and parents who are too busy, she did get herself addicted as a way of getting in control.

Her addiction was pain meds, and it went to that extend that she stole them from the people in her family. After successful recover, she continued with acting and wrote children’s books.

3. Megan Fox


This gorgeous woman has been in the center of attention after a big success in the Transformers movie. After this she got more roles and increased in the popularity. She was successful in her personal life, getting three boys.

It seems like all of this was too much, and she has fallen into the hands of illegal substances, and the ones that are very damaging to the body and very addictive as well, such as heroin and cocaine. She did go to rehab and turned a new leaf in her life.

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4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie


This woman was always very open about going to rehab since she is seen as a role model to a lot of young adults. It is very hard to imagine that this woman that is very calm and polished in public was someone who used different substances. She has said that she tried them all, and after going to rehab, she stayed clean and made a big, filled with children’s family.

5. Demi Lovato


She has experienced fame at a very young age and was a very familiar face of Disney channel. What not many knew at the time, was that her cocaine addiction was so strong that she could not withstand being without it for longer periods of time. Although she did have some relapses, she was always honest about it and shared her story publicly.

6. Selena Gomez


Disney channel friends seem to have similar problems, and it is evident that young ones are not very good at handling fame and controlling the impulses for trying substances and as well not being able to get rid of this horrible habit.

Selena did go to rehab, and get it back together, only to, later on, find out she has an autoimmune disease, lupus, that is slowly destroying her body. It is still unknown if this is a consequence of the abuse of substances and if the usage triggered this disease or not.

7. Jane Lynch


This actress has held it together for years and not many knew she was an addict and went to rehab when being young. In the show where she is presenting her life she is revealing that she was addicted to  beverages and that she has mixed it with syrup that is used to treat cough. She has stated that she has not used ever since and that there was no need to for more than twenty years, which is an admirable period of time.

8. Mary-Kate Olsen


She is unfortunately yet another young woman who could not handle being famous from young age. We all remember her and her sister being adorable on the famous shows and movies. It is evident that she developed an eating disorder since she did start to just fade away, but next to this, she did start using cocaine, in an attempt to overcompensate the lack of control. This need to have it under control just increased the anorexia she has had and led her to be admitted into rehabilitee center for both mentioned problems.

9. Jada Pinkett-Smith


Even though she does not talk too much about her private life, and has always been quiet about it, she did have some setbacks when she was young. It is still unknown why she stepped forward and stated that she was addicted to multiple substances since she is someone who likes to keep her private life to herself.

10. Eva Mendes


It seems like it is pretty common that actresses do have these setbacks and drift into the substance abuse as they make a huge breakthrough on the market. Eva, unfortunately, did not withstand the pressure and set started using unregulated substances. This has led to her checking into the rehab institution and getting herself together. She has stated that this has been a good and needed choice for her and further development.


As you can see, these actresses have all struggled with substance abuse, it is also interesting that many of them were child stars and had troubles with compensating with fame. Luckily, all of them have overcome this obstacle and moved on with their lives.