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Eva Mendes Is Almost 50 but Still Looks Smoking Hot!

by Tracy Finke

Eva Mendes is not offended by the comments that she is getting older. Recently, the mother of two, took a humorous response on Instagram to a rambling comment that she was old, thanking the troll for reminding her that she is “still here.”

Speaking to People at the Create & Cultivate fete at Rolling Greens Los Angeles, Eva, who turns 46 next month, explained why she had so elegantly slammed the Internet troll.

Image source: people.com

“I was excited by the reaction because in no way do I think that person that left that comment about me getting old was being malicious”, she explained.

Image source: Instagram

Mendes continued: “I do not think it was a malicious comment, but I think it’s more dangerous because it wasn’t malicious because it’s just ingrained in society that getting older is something we should either fear or be ashamed of”.

She thinks that the attitude “not to ask a woman how old she is, is archaic”.

“If you ask me about my age, I’ll be happy to answer. I’m about to turn 46, and that shocks me a little”, beautiful Eva said.

Image source: dailymail.co.uk

The actress, who has daughters Esmeralda, 5, and Amada, 3, with actor Ryan Gosling, said: “But I’m proud of that”.

“I want to show you that I take it as a compliment because I’m still here. And I have, you know, instead of saying I am 46, I wish we could change it, and I wish I could say: “I have 46 years to me” because in Spanish it’s very beautiful”, she said.

Image source: Instagram

“It says you say: “Tengo cuarenta seis años” I have 46 years and in English I know, it’s a little, you know it’s semantics, but it’s important”, Mendes added.

Eva Mendes concluded: “It’s like I don’t feel 46, but I do feel like I have 46 years of experience to me. I just find that so empowering.”

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