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15 Weird And Unusual Celebrity Hobbies

by Justas Markus

Celebrities live most of their lives in the spotlight so it’s easy for the general public to pass judgment on their lifestyles. Very few managed to keep their lives private, while the majority, whether they like it or not, have their little secrets served on the silver platter for all of us to see. And this includes their hobbies. Here are some quirky celebs with their weird obsessions.

Nicolas Cage

Source: Slate

Cage has had his fair share of strange behavior off-screen, but there is nothing weirder than his hobby of collecting skulls. Real skulls. In 2007 he paid $275,000 for the 70-million-years-old dinosaur skull to add it to his collection. Eventually, he had to return it to the Mongolian government since the dinosaur remains are considered to be a national treasure. Besides many skulls, the actor also has a real tomb in his possession.

Angelina Jolie

Source: NYPost

Ms. Jolie is not only famous for her beauty and movie roles, but also for her amazing collection of daggers. In 2009, Angelina said that her mother took her to a fair to buy her first knife when she was only 11 years old. Since then, she collected thousands of them and even carried over the passion to her son Maddox.

Pierce Brosnan

Source: The Wrap

Brosnan turns out to be a real-life James Bond. His strange hobby is eating fire. The actor admitted that he was thoroughly trained by professionals, but some mishaps still keep happening. One time he ended up in the ER for severe burns, yet that didn’t stop him from enjoying the thrill of swallowing fire.


Image source: Instagram

The famous singer has two beehives at home with 80,000 bees buzzing around making honey tirelessly. Beyonce said this started due to Blue and Rumi having so many allergies, so she found out that all-natural honey can help with all sorts of problems. Farming beehives have been the new thing among celebrities, with Scarlett Johanson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Ryan Reynolds having some of their own.

Simon Cowell

Source: Ryan Seacrest

Simon has some truly bizarre hobby – climbing the trees on his property and watching the neighbors. This voyeurism came from pure boredom and curiosity, as the famous producer said, that in time grew to a truly fun obsession. Some of his long-time neighbors are familiar with his hobby and usually don’t pay attention to the Cowell hanging from the tree branch.

Penelope Cruz

Source: Zimbio

Another celebrity with an unexplained passion – collecting hangers. Not just any hangers, but only the ones made out of wood and plastic, not metal. Is it possible that she has so many clothes? She might, but still, she surely made the list of one of the strange obsessions.

Katy Perry

Source: headcurve.com

We all know Katy Perry likes to experiment with her hair, but did you know that she also collects the hair from other celebrity friends? Not only that, but the singer stated that she always carries one or two in her bag wherever she goes. Perry gave no explanation about why she is so hung up on other people’s hair so that part remains a mystery to this day.

Mike Tyson

Source: Pigeonsa

The boxing champion would never be that if it wasn’t for pigeons. As a young child, Mike took care of the pigeons roaming around. One day, one of the street thugs killed one of the birds, and Mike decided then and there to become big and strong so that he can confront any future abusers. The rest is history. Today, Mike Tyson has a vast number of pigeons and visits pigeon pageants in Ontario every year.

Claudia Schiffer

Source: Nicky Mohr

The world-famous model, also known as “The Body”, has a strange hobby too. Initially, it started a couple of decades ago when she became obsessed with spiders and collected the eight-legged creatures in hundreds. Progressively her collection grew to include other insects, like all sorts of bugs and butterflies. Her home is swarming with creepy crawlers with some of them being nailed to the wall.

Ryan Gosling

Image source: gq-magazine.co.uk

The actor loves knitting. There is nothing weird about it if we were talking about an elderly woman sitting on her front porch. But this is a Hollywood star, who can go, buy and enjoy just about anything in the world, but instead he choose knitting as his favorite relaxing activity. Gosling said he found love for this hobby while filming “Lars and the real girl” and it never left him.

Mila Kunis

Source: Instagram

Mila Kunis is an accomplished actress, a wife, and a mother. She is also a fantastic gamer, spending hours playing “World of Warcraft”. Mila said that she was a gamer for decades, and she thoroughly enjoys spending her free time playing that online fantasy game. Her online friends are amazed at how good she is and how down-to-Earth kind of gal.

Johnny Depp

Source: BusinessOfCinema

Mr. Depp talked openly on many occasions about his passion for collecting Barbie dolls. He is especially searching for the limited editions and all the clothes that come along with the doll. So far, he admitted having Beyonce, Marilyn Monroe, and Paris Hilton in a form of the Barbies. And he plays with them, too!

Leo DiCaprio

Image source: artnews.com

Another guy who enjoys collecting dolls. Well, at least he used to. DiCaprio had an enormous collection of different ones, mostly vintage dolls, which he sold in 2001 for $110K and gave the money to charity. There is no word on whether he started building a new collection yet.

Susan Sarandon

Source: CatererMiddleEast

The actress loves to play ping pong. She became obsessed with the game a long time ago, and she even opened a restaurant with ping pong tables instead of the traditional ones. Over time, it became a huge hit, so nowadays the actress owns several places where ping pong tournaments are held. Talk about having a side job.

Kendall Jenner

Source: Daily Mail

The model has a not-so-luxurious hobby of bird-calling. Kendall revealed recently that she truly enjoys the peacefulness of the forest and started bird calling on her own, for fun. Jenner says that she had no previous training and that this hobby represents her way of going back to the roots and connecting with nature.