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Eminem’s Mother Sued Him for $11 Million

by Elsa Stringer

Back in 2001, Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers, now 65, sued her son Eminem. The already famous rapper who would only become more famous in the next two decades had already released three albums and won several Grammy Awards.


His mother sued her son Marshall Bruce Mathers III for his allegedly untrue lyrics in which he often talks about his hard childhood and his mother’s poor treatment of him while growing up.

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He mentioned her alco**l and dr** use too, and regularly called her “crazy”.


The lawsuit ended with a $25,000 settlement, $23,354.25 of which went to Deborah’s lawyer.


After she found out about how much she would get, she dropped the case and fired her lawyer, who continued the case and got the money anyway.


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