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Eminem’s Close Women And Those He Stays Away From

by Elsa Stringer

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known as Eminem, is one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time. His life wasn’t always easy, as he grew up in Detroit. He used to attend open-mic contests in high school, and by the late 90s, his rap game took it to another level, making him recognizable artist.


As it usually happens, with popularity comes people who adore him, but also the ones who dislike him. His relationship with numerous women were known to public, whether those relationships were romantic, or those women were his family or friends. We made a list of 20 women, ouf of which 10 are close to the famous rapper, and other 10 are the ones who don’t have good relationship with him. Take a look.

1. Hailie Jade


In 1995, Eminem became a father. His daughter Hailie was born on Christmas, which was the best present famous rapper received. He puts his daughter first at any time. In his songs Mockingbird and Hailie’s Song, there are references to her, and you can tell how important she is to him.

2. Stays Away From: Ivanka Trump


Like many artists in the United States, Eminem has tendency to get political in his songs, and in general. His song Framed features an inappropriate comment about current president of the United States, Donald Trump, and a threatening one for Trump’s daughter Ivanka. This led to an interview between Eminem and Secret Service agents.

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3. Joy McAvoy


There were many women Eminem has been linked to. One of them is Scottish actress Joy McAvoy. There were rumors that the two of them were dating. Eminem never confirmed those rumors, and it is still unknown what type of relationship they have, but it is believed that they are close.

4. Sarah Palin


The former vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, is another political figure Eminem meantioned inappropriately in his song. In song We Made You, there is reference to the former governess and something that grown-ups do.

5. Whitney Scott Mathers


Next to Hailie, who is his only biological daughter, Eminem has two more daughters. One of them is Whitney, who is Eminem’s ex wife’s daughter from another relationship. Eminem adopted Whitney, and he loves her very much.

6. Christina Aguilera


In his song The Real Slim Shady, Eminem dissed Christina Aguilera, and that wasn’t the only time he openly talked about her. Aguilera was offended because of the lyrics. When she didn’t understand the context of Eminem,’s relationship with his ex wife Kim, the rapper fired back at her.

7. Skylar Grey


Skylar Grey and Eminem collaborated together on songs including Love The Way You Lie and I Need A Doctor. Grey’s album Don’t Look Down was produced by Eminem, so professionally the two of them seem to be pretty close.

8. Tori Spelling


In his song Love Game, Eminem dissed Tori Spelling saying: „Her voice was more horser than Tori Spelling’s face.“ The actress never commented those lyrics.

9. Alaina Marie Mathers


The second adopted Eminem’s daughter is named Alaina. She is Kim’s twin sister’s daughter. The sister, Dawn, passed away from overdosing, so Eminem adopted her daughter. He is very fond of all of his daughters.

10. Iggy Azalea


Eminem dissed numerous female celebrities in his songs, and Iggy Azalea is one of them. In his song Killshot, he called her a gardening tool. Azalea thought he was pretty lazy because of those lyrics. The two of them do not like each other at all.

11. Brittany Murphy


In film 8 Mile, Eminem and Brittany Murphy acted together. There were rumors that the two of them dated briefly. The rumors started because of their amazing chemistry on the set. When she passed away, Eminem reunited the cast of 8 Mile to pay tribute to the actress.

12. Pamela Anderson


Eminem dissed Baywatch star for being attacked by Tommy Lee. Pamela Anderson never responded to the diss.

13. P!nk



P!nk’s fascination with Eminem led to her asking for a collaboration with him. He responded to her email with Okay, and they worked together on a song Revenge. It seems that the duo had fun working together.

14. Madonna


Another female artist Eminem dissed in his song is the queen of pop herself. In his song Medicine Ball, Eminem wrote lyrics which reference to Madonna, saying: „But the chick’s so old, she looks like she out-lived a life sentence.“ However, it seems that Madonna wasn’t offended, because she is fan of his work, and wanted to collaborate with him.

15. Nicki Minaj


At first, Eminem dissed Nicki Minaj in his song Fast Lane, but she wasn’t offended, instead she was honored because he mentioned her. The duo collaborated on Minaj’s song Majesty. Eminem even talked about possibility of dating Minaj.

16. Britney Spears


Just like Madonna, Britney Spears continues being Eminem’s fan despite the fact that he dissed her in his song. Also, Eminem’s daughter Hailie loves Britney Spears, so he probably have had to listen to Spears’ songs too.

17. Kim Basinger


Next to Brittany Murphy, Kim Basinger also played next to Eminem in 8 Mile. There were rumors that Eminem was dating Basinger, just like there were rumors about his and Murphy. Eminem made a statement that the rumors about him and Basinger weren’t true.

18. Mariah Carey


Feud between Mariah Carey, her ex husband Nick Cannon and Eminem is still on. Eminem claimed that Carey and he were supposed to collaborate on her album Charmbracelet, but the pop diva denied that. Since then, they were throwing disses at each other.

19. Rihanna


Collaboration on Love The Way You Lie paved a way for Rihanna and Eminem’s friendship. They also worked on another song The Monster, and fans are hoping that there will be more of that.

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20. Kimberly Anne Scott


Relationship Eminem has with Kimberly Scott is very complicated. The two of them were married twice, and they share a daughter together. He dissed her in his song Kim, which almost made her sue him. It seems that after all this time, they now have a healthy friendship.