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Donatella Versace Turns 65 Soon: From Beauty to the Queen of Plastic Surgery

by Tracy Finke

The Italian designer at the forefront of one of the biggest fashion empires of today, Donatella Versace, is about to celebrate her 65th birthday, and despite approaching her seventh decade, she never ceases to attract public attention and is, therefore, a frequent media topic.

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Her current appearance, which is the result of numerous aesthetic surgeries and corrections, has earned her the nickname “Queen of Plastic Surgery”. The former natural beauty today is mostly shocking with her appearance.

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Excessive use of Botox, distorted lips, and face placed her at the top of the list of celebrities who overdid plastic surgery. The tumultuous life she led also contributed to everything.  Partying with lots of liquor and illegal substances even led her to a few mental breakdowns.

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Image source: profimedia.com

Donatella found herself at the top of the Versace fashion empire in 1997 after her brother Gianni was assassinated in Miami. She, along with her daughter Allegra, managed to keep her brother’s legacy on her feet and to conquer the fashion world, and their creations are still greatly admired by many fashion critics.

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