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Donald Trump vs. Mike Bloomberg – Who Paid More For Superbowl Ad?

by Sinisav

VOX – 02/02/2020: Donald Trump vs. Mike Bloomberg or Chiefs vs. 49ers? In a couple of hours, the battle for the Lombardi trophy will begin between San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. The eyes of the sporting world will be on the duel that will decide the winner of Superbowl 54. But, behind the curtains, there will be a political battle. President Donald Trump will have a Superbowl ad to promote his campaign for the 2024 elections. He’s not the only candidate rich enough to pay for this perk. Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg did the same thing.

This feat was done in the past by other candidates for the White House. Most recently, it was Barack Obama who did it. But it’s different this time. Obama only had his ad aired in 24 states. Trump and Bloomberg will have nationwide coverage. In fact, there’s no better time to promote your self than in Superbowl. But, these commercials cost million for that exact reason. Most importantly, the eyes of the whole nation will be on you if you pay for a Superbowl ad.

Donald Trump

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This brings us the small matter of a price. Bloomberg will pay for his ad a hefty price tag of $11 million. This is his money, not funded by what his campaign accumulated — a small price for someone who has estimated worth of $61 billion. Bloomberg, who is a former New York mayor, entered the presidential race in November. This can be considered a bit too late, but he’s making it up through persuasive advertising.

Mike Bloomberg

To put things in perspective, Barack Obama’s had to pay only $250,000 to be on the Superbowl.

Donald Trump

POTUS spent an equal amount of money on Superbowl ads. But, unlike Bloomberg’s one minute ad, Trump, will air two 30 second ads. It will be interesting to see who will win this duel. This is the first time that two presidential candidates have Superbowl ads. Furthermore, it is the first time we have two billionaire candidates.

Until now, Trump’s campaign invested $52 million on advertising. Bloomberg looks to jumpstart his campaign and has already poured $257 million on his campaign.

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