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Melania Caught Lying About Donald’s Contribution To Life Expectancy

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 02/02/2020: A day doesn’t pass that we don’t hear or see another blunder by a Trump family member. Melania Trump was once again accused of lying. In one of her most recent tweets, she talked about life expectancy. She claimed that during her husband, Donald Trump, term in the office life expectancy increased. But, it seems his administration didn’t have such an effect on the health of US citizens.

The First Lady decided to praise her husband’s success on Twitter by telling her followers that life expectancy increase by four years. At the same time, she pointed out that the abuse of substances dropped by 4.1 percent. She also commented on her Be Best initiative by saying that they are making America a safer and healthier place for their children. Those who follow @FLOTUS didn’t know what to think about this post.


Source: vanityfair.com

But, the website Raw Story did the math, and her claims are only 50% true. According to the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), it is true that substance abuse dropped by 4.1% percent. The part where life expectancy grew is inaccurate — during Donald Trump’s term in the White House, life expectancy increased by only one month in 2018.

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Life expectancy was larger in 2014 when it was 78.9 years. In 2017 it was 78.6 years. This number increased by one month in 2018. There are no data in 2019, but it is nowhere close to a four-year increase. It seems that Melania Trump misinterpreted the info she was given, or she was flat out lying about the life expectancy.

While you can say that life expectancy increased during Donald Trump’s time in the white office, it is not something to brag about. One month is not a massive number that could show how hard Trump’s administration worked and how much they helped the health system.

The First Lady should be more careful about what she tweets in the future.

Source: express.co.uk