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Donald Trump Made Melania Trump Lie About Her Age

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 02/16/2020: The marriage between Donald Trump and Melania Trump is long-lasting despite their age difference. They are together even after 15 years, and many controversies. Now, after Donald became the President, we hear more juicy details form their life. It’s all thanks to Kate Bennett and her book Free Melania.

According to Bennett, POTUS forced Melania to lie about her age. The reason was quite surprising, even for Trump’s standards. This was happening at the beginning of their relationship.

Melania Trump

Source: thedailybeast.com

Bennett claims that Trump wasn’t satisfied with the age difference between him and the First Lady. Mr. Trump believed that dating 30-year-old women back at the day wasn’t anything special. So, he wanted his girlfriend to be even younger. This is why he forced Melania to declare herself as a 26-year old.

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During an interview with GQ in 2000, Melania was asked for her age, and she said that she has 26 years. But, at the time she was four months away from turning 30. This was the year in which she posed for the named magazine in a red swimsuit.

The photo description also mentioned her age. Melania was referred to as a 26-year old model who lives in a one-bedroom apartment. Furthermore, the article wrote that she’s preparing for life in the White House. It was a 16-year preparation, but Melania and Donald made it.

Being President and the First Lady, Donald and Melania no longer can lie about things like this. But, every day, more information leaks as Kate Bennett’s book, Free Melania, is getting rather popular. While some allegations made by Bennett get denied by Melania or White House administration, others remain unanswered, which can only mean one thing.

It means that most of the things we read in the book Free Melania are true. The marriage between Donald Trump was always interesting to journalists, and now more than ever, as they are exposed to the world as the President and the First Lady.

Source: econotimes.com