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Donald Trump Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Kansas and Missouri

by Sinisav

E! NEWS – 02/03/2020: After the Superbowl 54 was over, everyone thought that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez stole the show. But, President Donald Trump made sure that he’s also in the spotlight. As usual, POTUS took it to Twitter to congratulate the winner of America’s most prestigious game. Same as always, he made a blunder. Mr. Trump confused Kansas with Missouri.

Trump sent congrats to Kansas City Chiefs, stating that they made their home state of Kansas proud. A mistake a child or a non-US citizen could make. For the President to say this, it wasn’t very comfortable. Trump later updated the tweet to point out that Kansas City Chiefs come from Missouri.

Donald Trump

Source: twitter.com

Social media users were quick to condemn Trump. A well-deserved critique. They laughed at President, stating that he probably didn’t learn geography at the rich school he attended. Others pointed out that he also should congratulate San Francisco 49ers on their effort with additional praise for the state of Washington.

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As we mentioned, Donald Trump or someone from his team quickly updated the post, but it was too late. It only caused Internet users to continue with their mocking of President Trump. As it’s standard on the net, everything stays remembered forever. Despite editing the tweet, numerous screenshots were already taken. This mistake won’t be easily forgotten.

Luckily, Trump tweets a dozen times every day, so he probably won’t break the sweat over this. Besides, Superbowl had many memorable moments other people were quick to focus on other things. Some of them kept themselves strictly to sports, while other were not interested in game despite being on the stadium. Yes, we are talking about the fan who fell asleep during the game. But that’s another story.

In the end, Donald Trump will be more interested to see did his Superbowl ads paid off.

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