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Ivanka Trump Created 15 Million New Jobs? No! – Donald Trump is Lying

by Sinisav

POLITICAL FLARE – 02/02/2020: Another day another lie by a Trump family member. After Melania Trump lied about the life expectancy of an average American, Donald decided to steal her spotlight. To make things even better, the lie is not about him, but about his daughter Ivanka Trump.

As you know, Ivanka is a chief adviser to the President. A position she did not deserve. What’s even worse, she’s not qualified to be in the place she is. But, the perks of being Donald Trump’s daughter. With her advice or not, Trump is almost safe from impeachment, and he’s ready to boast about the success of his administration. The administration Ivanka is now a part of.

Ivanka Trump

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While everyone is doubting Ivanka has any real contribution to the US, Trump believes otherwise. According to Mr. President, Ivanka is directly responsible for 15 million new jobs in the US. We believe Donald Trump is lying. Ivanka did not create that many workplaces.

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During the last four years, that Trump’s been the President, there was a little more than 7 million new jobs. Ivanka had nothing to do with them. What POTUS is talking about is Ivanka’s initiative to persuade companies to give workers training opportunities. It also isn’t her initiative, but it belongs to the White House, and Ivanka is only heading it. Also, we are talking about training, not about actual work. This means those people aren’t getting paid.

Furthermore, some of these workers would receive this training regardless of the White House initiative. Companies provide people with training before employing them regardless of Ivanka Trump.

This was not the first time Donald Trump is talking about how many jobs Ivanka created for US citizens. What changes are a number of people she connected with an appointment. In November of 2019, it was 14 million. Now, it’s 15. Trump should be careful what he speaks, as more and more people are listening, and less and less trust him.

Source: politicalflare.com